Friday, July 23, 2010

ECC Week 3 Day 5 and some stiff competition

Light Fridays ROCK! One of the 2, 476 reasons I love My Father's World =) Today we did minimal work. Everyone did Language Arts and math. For 'together school' we read Hero Tales, learned how to look things up in the bible and did our vocab cards, which you can see below. We did isthmus today and forest. They are having 'free play' right now for about 10min and then we will do 15min of quiet reading with the book basket books. This afternoon will be read aloud time with Kingdom Tales and 10min each for Savannah and Ariel to read aloud to me (Skylar did her read aloud with me during school.

As far as running, today was a rest day as I ran 2 days in a row (Wed and Thurs) and will be doing my long run tomorrow (4.5-5 miles). I love that I am able to see the changes in my legs already, just wish my pooch would get the memo that its time to pack the bags and make like a tree and 'leaf'!
Last night, there was a run on my job! Ariel decided to start her own school for the 'little girls'. Here they are at the 'desks' she made them. She wrote a sentence on the white board and they are busy copying it....
Savannah (who was the teachers assistant) is pointing out letter formation...

Checking their work...

Skylars copywork:

Jaidyn's copywork:

Then she had me print out a coloring page for each of them.
Teacher, teacher's assistant, students and completed coloring pages.

she told them next week they would 'study' whatever they wanted, to the answering shouts of 'Kittens!' 'Turtles!' 'Pandas!' to which she answered 'Sure, whatever you want, we can do it!'
Seriously, how am I going to compete with that? Looks like I am going to have to bring out the big guns of ice cream and cake to keep them on my team. *insert evil laugh*


  1. Adorable!! What priceless pictures. That just proves that you have really made an impression on them that homeschool is F-U-N!! --so fun, they even want to do "school work" for play-time :-D

  2. Thanks Randi, I was thinking the same thing =) They are big into 'pretend' play right now. I LOVE this age =)