Thursday, July 29, 2010

Put it under lock and key!!! And ECC Week 4, Day 4

Discoveries I have made today: there are certain foods that will be eaten in abnormal quantities if left anywhere within the 4 walls of my house. Among them: Pringles, Peanut M&M's and oreos. What foods do you have a self control problem with?
Discovery #2: The first mile of my run is S...L...O...W....I dont even know HOW slow when compared to the rest of my run, but tomorrow I am going to time mile 2 as it seems my shoes grow rocket boosters at that point. At miles 0-1 and 1-2 I think the cute older people out for a stroll can pass me.
Seriously, its' bad.
Moving on...

ECC Week 4, Day 4
Tomorrow will be our last day in North America. My older 2 girls know pretty much all the states (thanks to!), my 6.5 yr old knows a few, and my 5 yr old thinks every state is called South America =)
Today we read Matt 2:12 and had to find some key places in the bible on the map (Israel, Jerusalem, Bethlehem). So I showed the girls the map in the back of my bible and they hunted them out.
We worked on our memory verse (Matt 1:23), and learned about Farming and Industry in the US. I was surprised to learn that the interstates that go north and south have an odd number and the ones that go east and west and an even number. Never knew that!
We are going to read the Kingdom Tales story here in a bit. The girls are really captivated by the stories in there. If you are thinking of skipping this part of ECC, dont. Trust me.

There really wasnt anything too exciting today, but the girls are still pretend playing shoot offs of our Kingdom Tales story from Tuesday which was Princess Amanda and the Dragon.
Savannah made the egg below for Skylar. I asked why it was in 2 pieces and she said the dragon had hatched. I asked where the dragon was and she said 'invisible!' Clever.

Josh doing what he usually does for a portion of our school time-'Blanket Time'. I bought four lidded clear containers and numbered them. I filled them with toys and books that I knew he would like. He gets one tote a day ONLY to use during blanket time. Friday doesnt have a tote yet as our school is so short on that day that he usually doesnt have blanket time.
But this has made our school time SO much smoother. Any tips/ tricks you have used to make school time better?

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