Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 1 back in the saddle and ECC wk 4, day 2

I am sure you all lost a good 2 or 6 hours of sleep last night wondering just HOW my ride was this morning. Sorry 'bout that. I actually cheated and took it out last night for about 20min just to see how she rolled. I really enjoyed it. My quads definitely need to be a little stronger for me to feel like I can make it up the hill without making embarrassing noises. But all in all, I rode for 45min this morning, 7 miles total, a few too many hills and I came home quite sweaty, which to me, is the sign of a pretty good workout, no?
Going to hit the pavement tomorrow runnin' and then will bike again on Thursday. I am SLIGHTLY suspecting my bike may be a bit too big for my vertically challenged size, so I am going to have hubby watch me ride tonight and see what his not-so-expert opinion is.

ECC Week 4, Day 2

Today we were challenged to use 4 colored pencils and color in the states without any 2 colors touching. I could see all sorts of frustrating emotions flying out of this activity so I took it down a level and let them use 5 colors. My 9yr old, who loves a challenge, LOVED this activity and wanted more like it. My 8yr old on the other hand just did it because she was suppose to.

In 'Kingdom Tales' we read 'Princess Amanda and the Dragon' which prompted my 9yr old to draw a picture of this fire breathing, uh, horse?
What can I say? The girls LOVES horses.
For Art we made a quilt design board and learned about the early American women and their quilting bees. I bought a pack of asst. fabric at WalMart and cut little sqaures out of them. Then they arranged their designs on a piece of 8x9 cardstock (cut to size) and we glued them on.
Then we cut ribbon to make a pattern down and across to hide the imperfect edges of the fabric due to their mommy being a little scissor-challenged.
They LOVED this project. You can click on the pictures to see them larger.

SAVANNAH age 9.5

ARIEL age 8
SKYLAR age 6.5

JAIDYN age 5...who was feeling a little camera shy, until......
she looked down and realized the colors in her 'quilt' perfectly matched what she had on.

Yeah, she thought that was purty cool.

All my happy girls! (and the head of my boy)


  1. Cute, CUTE quilt designs!!...and kiddos too! :-P

    Wow, I can not imagine my kids trying to color all of the states w/out any of the same colors touching --and only using 3 colors either; not w/out major frustration. So glad you posted this...I will definately go your route and allow 5!

  2. Thanks Randie! It was actually 4 colors, not 3, that they had challenged them with, but every US map I saw that was color coded like this had 5 colors, so we decided to take the easy route =) I love that we can get ideas and help from each other!! =)

  3. woops!!...duhhh...i see that now :-P...still quite a challenge though!

    I am too! Do you know that after ALL of the "flag sticker stick'n" we did yesterday, we COMPLETELY forgot to do the MAIN Geo. assignment. It didn't dawn on me until last night when I read your post about the sticker book and I went to check the TM! So, guess what we got to double up on today!...i'm losing it...lol

  4. I love all the photos you post. We're so excited to start and it's so helpful to see everything. Your children are adorable! Thanks for the tip on coloring. I can see the same thing happening here so I'll just say 5 colors. Great blog!!

  5. Too funny Randie =)
    Isabel- we are loving it! I cant wait to follow your blog when you start!