Friday, July 16, 2010

On my nightstand...

and under it!
I am a bit of a book nut, just a wee bit.
And I always like to see what other people are reading so I thought I would share my current 'playlist'.
Under my nightstand, I have a few magazines boxes that hold the vintage magazines I am getting ready to read next as well as other current magazines that I haven't gotten to yet. Magazines take a back seat (maybe a trunk seat) next to books, so these will probably sit down here for a while, untouched.

On my nightstand.
At the bottom of the pile are a bunch of Focus on the Family magazines that I got at our used curriculum sale for free, next is Debi Pearl's 'Created to be His Helpmeet', next is 'Fit after 50' by Ruth Wassinger (she is a runner, breast cancer survivor and mom to one of my good friends, Kristine. This it NOT just a book for people over 50!)...on top is 'The Wisdom of Fenelon', by Fenelon, which is a reprint of an OLD book by Lamplighter Publishing.
I just discovered Lamplighter last year at our local homeschool conference and I was HOOKED. They are a bit pricey but VERY well made. Lamplighter is a Christian company.

Here is a most of my Lamplighter selection. I have loved EVERY Lamplighter book I have read. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.
If you are looking for quality literature, this is definitely a good place to look (the Lamplighter site, not my bookcase, though if you are local you are welcome to borrow, for the cost of a chocolate shake!).
We have also enjoyed books from the Keepers of the Faith website as well as Rod and Staff. We are big book junkies over here. Books are my 'crack'.


  1. A kindred spirit!!

    I have a stack by my bed. WE LOVE Lamplighter. Have you heard Mark Hamby speak? It is always wonderful!
    I have had to start stacking my Lamplighter books the way you have to get them all on the top shelve.
    Have you read Ishmael and Self Raised? If not you should add them to your collection!

  2. Mark actually spoke at our homeschool conference last year! GREAT speaker. Loved him. I have not read those two but they are on my wishlist! My fav 'grown up' book so far is Stepping Heavenward. most of the Lamplighter books I have are for my girls so titles like Little Threads, Teddy's Button, Jessica's First Prayer etc, but I need to branch out into the grown up section soon =)

  3. Sorry Melanie, that last comment was mine, dont know why it said anonymous!