Monday, July 26, 2010

Hola internets!

Hello dear friends! I hope you all had a refreshing and fun weekend. Mine was fun and a bit busy.
So, Saturday I asked my parents to come over so the hubs and I could go shopping for some 'official' running clothes for myself since I was previously running in cotton (*Gasp!*) and some ill fitting Nike shorts from my more, ahem, 'substantial' days.
The shorts still fit, but I have to do an adjustment job every 4.4 seconds to ensure my modest status would not be demoted to something less desirable.
The shirts were comfortable, just cotton cami's, but as I am starting to run more, I am noticing that the presence of sweat drenched cotton against my skin is not the most pleasant of situations.
Hubby and I went to every sports store in a 10 mile radius, and managed to find me a few new shorts and a couple pairs of new shorts. He also bought a camera for the girls as they have been DYING without one (the older 2 used to have thier own but they died a slow agonizing death from all the 'oopies' they suffered). Below is the girls and I trying to take our own picture. Look. We're so angelic, we glow.
Feast your eyes on the next picture. Oh sweet bike-wheels Batman, I am ONE happy gal. I have been wanting a bike for YEARS, since we sold ours many moons ago. But I have only REALLY begun to want one the last few weeks as I have become more serious about running and subsequently, wanting to find something to cross train with that I find just as enjoyable as running. Here's my ticket to more fitness excitement!! Lets hope I dont wipe out on my first time out tomorrow. Oh and icing on the cake?
It matches my fanny, er, I mean HIP pack.

ECC week 4, Day 1
This is our last week of school before we take a week off for fun stuff. I am planning a playdate or two, a trip or two to some parks around town that we dont go to very often, a trip to the zoo and a trip to the library. It's gonna be a full week, folks!

In Science we learned more about temeperate forests and the older 2 had to fill out a worksheet based on what they learned.

Savannah completed another sheet from the World Geography book, this time on Mountains of North America. Let's pause a moment so I can show the colors of my mommy-with-a-fried-brain syndrome.
So, we are studying N. America last week and this week. At the TOP OF THIS WORKSHEET it says, 'Mountains of N. America'. We were to find out how tall each was and list them in order from tallest to shortest. We get about 1/2 way thru and I say OUTLOUD 'Gee, isnt it funny that all these mountains are in North America?'
Thankfully my sweet daughter either didnt hear me, or didnt want to make me feel bad by commenting.

Savannah doing her math drill on the Math U See site, I love all the free sites we have bookmarked for this kind of stuff.

Enjoy your day. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow SANS any road rash.
Pray for me.

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