Friday, July 30, 2010

ECC Week 4 Day 5, and a sad farewell

Oh the knees...if you are a runner, you know...the knees are the window to your world. Well, your running world that is. I think I have been over zealous and have done too much too soon as my knees are a *little* achy. Not bad, just a little niggle. So I am going to start running only every other day, and not do 2 days in a row-as I have been (sometimes 3-4 in a row). It is going to be hard as I am SERIOUSLY addicted to running. I map my runs, I map new running routes, I think about where I would LIKE to run, what time do I need to go to bed to get UP for my run, I DREAM about my get the picture. So taking it down a peg is going to be tough, but I dont want to risk injury.


This was our last day for our North America Unit. We will taking a week off for fun stuff before landing in Mexico for 2 weeks. The girls really been enjoying this last month in My Father's World and I am SO glad we found it. What a blessing!

The girls wrote thier 'fancy verse' today. Our memory verse was Matt 1:23 and I was surprised that our 5 yr old could say most of it from memory as well. AND she said the John 3:16 verse as well! Proud momma moment.

Our Geography vocab words for this week were 'butte' (how DO you pronounce that?), and 'badlands'.

And here's what they did when school time was done. Ariel built them this 'fort' and they all got in to watch Barney with their little brother.
Good times.
I will be back next week once or twice to let you know what we are up to, and I will post my school schedule as well. Also, next week starts the 'Not-Back-To-School' Blog Hop. Learn more about it here. I'll be participating. How 'bout you?


  1. Oh wow, you're a runner too! Cool beans. I'm a fellow ModernMom and a fellow runner girl as well. I found I could not run two days in a row - too hard on the hips and knees. I'm going through a bit of a dry spell for running. I run because it's good exercise, but not because I love it, kwim? Care to give me some motivation?

  2. Hi Lisa! That is what I am finding... at least I think so =) I start Hal Higdon's 12 week 1/2 marathon plan for novice tomorrow. It's Mon-strength/stretch, Tues-run, Wed-run OR cross train, Thurs-run, Fri-rest, Sat-cross train, Sun-long run.
    But I am going to skip the Wed run and do cross training for the first few weeks and give my knees a chance to rest more. For cross training I am doing speed walking w/ hills and the elliptical. So far so good!

  3. Wow, you have some real artists on your hands! Those drawings on the vocab. cards are wonderful!

    I'm quietly giggling here over the word, "butte". My hubby is from Louisiana and there is a city there called Butte that he says is pronounced, boo-tee` :P Wonder if it's the same!

  4. If you're really asking, I'm pretty sure it's "beaute" like the word beauty without the "ee" at the end.

    I am loving your blog. We are starting ECC in a few weeks and this makes me want to start NOW! I guess I could, we were hoping to settle a bit more after baby first. :)

  5. Thanks Randie, and funny about your hubby!! =)
    Suzuki, yes I WAS really asking, thanks for clearing it up! I was saying it like 'boot' but my 9yr old says it like you, so I think we'll go w/ that way =)
    I notice your name-SuzukiDeb, do you teach the Suzuki method?

  6. Hmm....guess I forgot to check back here - well, 2 months later, here I am and yes, I used to teach the Suzuki method. After baby #3 I had to cut down drastically, so I have only 4 students, so can't quite pull off the WHOLE method anymore but still do mostly Suzuki-type lessons with them - violin (not that you'll come back to read this again). (I am erikdeb on momys)