Friday, August 6, 2010

Book Basket books for ECC Week 5-Mexico

Well, our 'fun' vacation week has fizzled out due to sickness which I am sure we caught at the zoo on Monday and therefore shared with whomever was at the library on Tuesday-sorry library peeps! So we have been spending our time going thru large quantities of tissue and drinking our weight in honey water.

Anyway...I have been getting set to start up school again next week, which is our week in Mexico. We are all so excited! I got a bunch of books to tie in with next week at the library (have I ever mention how much I love the interlibrary loan system?)

Here are the books for next week. I have read thru them all (I pre-read everything for my girls). I am VERY strict about what I allow them to read and these all passed my inspection. You can click on the picture to see it larger if you want to know the titles.

Here are the books that are on deck for our 2nd week in Mexico. I cant put all the book in the book basket at one time as my girls will devour them in a day or two. No joke.
I have read thru most of these as well, except for the book at the front of the stack (Tortilla Sun). I will take a better picture of these at the end of next week.


  1. yay! we are starting MFW-ECC in just a couple of weeks. Thanks for all the previews. =0)

  2. No prob! Can't wait to follow you on your journey as well!

  3. oooooh!!! don'tcha just LOVE bringing home that big stash of book basket books!?! Looks like you've got some goodies :-D My library didn't have Tortilla Sun. The title really had me interested too :(

    So sorry your kiddos are sick! Praying they're feeling all better before heading to Mexico next week. We'll see you there!! Adios amiga! :D