Monday, August 16, 2010

ECC Week 6 Day 1 MEXICO

Hola! This is our 2nd week in Mexico. I am a little lacking in the picture department, my apologies! I did however get a picture of our book basket books for this week. *click picture to see titles*
We are getting ready to do our craft project today which is Yarn Art. Would have done it earlier but our day has been running behind since this morning when I let the little people outside to play for what ended up being a very EXTENDED recess. It is beautiful here today!
We read about Haiti today in Window on the world and learned that they are the poorest country in the Western world. We prayed for them to have great wealth, not in earthly riches, but in riches that will never spoil or fade.
We listened to 2 Wee Sing songs and our favorite was Chi Chi Bud. Gonna have to go find some more Jamaica music- we were groovin'!
Our new memory verse was Matt 4:19 which was SO ironic as yesterday, Ariel (8yrs old) put on a bible club for her younger sisters (ages 6.5 and 5) and the 'theme' for her club was that verse! She printed out a craft for them to do and everything, I should see if I can find it and take a pic-it was a hanging fish mobile-she helped them assemble it and everything! Hmmm....maybe I should put her in charge of craft time...? =)

For Science we learned more about deserts and transpiration by putting leaves in a plastic baggie and putting them in the sun for a few hours. The girls were amazed by how much moisture and 'pourable liquid' there was in the bag! Science is so fun when you can 'see' it.

We are feeling much healthier today and I think we will have a clean bill of health by the end of the week which will be SO nice. The girls really want to go to the park and its gonna be so nice this week!!

Most likely we will do our fiesta on Thursday instead of Friday as the girls really want Grandpa to come for it and he will be out of town for 1/2 of Friday. So it looks like we'll need to do our 2 other craft projects tomorrow and Wednesday (tissue paper flowers and a pinata 'mommy style' which means: easy and no-mess) =)

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great day! Don't you love it when Bible truths that are covered in school end up being reinforced in other little ways throughout the week -"seemingly accidentally" ;D --so neat!