Thursday, August 12, 2010

ECC Week 5 Day 4

Mexico is FUN! The girls are having so much fun learning about it. And I LOVE all these travel games they are playing-so fun!!

Today is our day to 'do' Health. It is required by the state we live in. Right now for Health we are reading Prudence and the Millers and the girls really like the little stories. Though the KJV verses have them looking like I just asked them to tell me the square root of a donkey. Yeah, that look. Thankfully I keep my bible close by and can flip to the NIV version and then things go back to normal.
Today we learned how to say different colors in Spanish (most of which they already knew) and some phrases. I think they have said 'Hola! Coma estas?' to each other at least 2 or 10 times.

I have a membership to $20 for a year and unlimited access to their website. LOTS of great printables and educational 'stuff'. It has been WELL worth it in my opinion. Today I printed out a little info sheet on Mexico.....
Then we did an activity worksheet that went along with it.

AND Today was Science experiment day. The experiment was to put an ice cube in each of 2 bowls. Place one in a sunny window and one in a closed cabinet. THEN put an ice cube in each of 2 baggies. Bury one 5-12" underground and lay the other on top of the ground in full sun. After the ice cubes that are in the sun are melted, take out the ones in the cabinet and the one in the ground and compare to see why animals seek shade in the desert or burrow under ground.
However its about 257 degrees here today with steroid-induced humidity....MEANING that its super cool in the house (gotta keep it cool or the kiddos act like they are DYING or heat exhaustion when they go to bed at night), and Death Valley outside.
So.....when the one outside in the sun had melted, we checked all the ice cubes. The one under ground was ALMOST all the way melted (I was surprised, thought the ice cube would be bigger, but the ground is still pretty warm, even 6" under!) while the one on the ground was completely melted.
The one in the cabinet and the one in the sunny spot inside looked almost identical! But again, our house is pretty chilly (I usually have to wear pants, a zip up jacket or long sleeve shirt and socks all day!), so this experiment was a bit of a bust. I put the before pics below of the inside ice cubes in hopes of doing some before and after pics, but they werent much different. Just picture slightly smaller cubes with a small pool of water around them.
But the kids thought it was fun and already understood that of course it will be cooler in the shade or underground then it would be out in the sun.
So I just wasted 4 ice cubes for NUTHIN'.


  1. Awesome little extras you gave to the kiddos! Welp, that's another website I need to spend some time exploring ;P Boy, hasn't Mexico been such a refreshing and enjoyable study!

  2. I agree, we have LOVED Mexico so far! And Enchanted Learning is SUCH a great site- for just $20...highly recommended!