Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ECC Week 6 Day 3 MEXICO

Its a good thing I'm not allergic to tissue paper flowers or I fear I would be ODing on some type of allergy med about now. I taught the girls how to make tissue paper flowers yesterday and I think they have made another 40 of them since then. Its out of control I tell ya. I need to stage an intervention of some sort!
Oh well, it could be worse right? And they ARE pretty...but our limited space tells me these flowers may be the short-lived variety...

Anyway, we didnt really have much school today to do outside of the normal 3 R's.
We colored the Mexican flag today and the older 3 each wrote down a little info about Mexico on the bottom of the page.

And last night, the girls asked me to print out some coloring pages on Mexico so they could color them, and then use them to decorate the school room for our fiesta, which is tomorrow. (You can see a TINY amount of the flowers that now take up residence here).

Here is the final product.

We also made our pinata today.

Putting the loot in....
We have several food allergies here and a few that are sensitive to dyes which made filling this bag a little tricky...but thanks to Whole Foods and finding some cheap little toys at the Dollar Tree I managed to make a fun little stash for them...

The finished pinata-they all thought it was great fun to walk under (probably hoping it would spontaneously burst)...
It was a beautiful day today so we had a little recess time after lunch....

Josh, if you didnt know, is CRAZY about Thomas the Tank Engine...

He always has to check it out....

Make the proper seat adjustments....

And check out the 'guts' of the machine....

This was our read aloud book today...

We are so excited to be having our fiesta tomorrow! I back decorations and balloons at the Dollar Tree and we will be making Mexican food tomorrow and listening to Mexican music.
Come back tomorrow for pictures!


  1. LOVING your blog updates! Maybe you can make floral arrangements for family, friends or neighbors? I know I wouldn't mind getting something like that for display on my table for a week or two (assuming I lived closer - just a thought!)

  2. Thanks Kristine! I HAVE thought about them maybe selling them for $.25-$.50 each and then they can use that money to pay for their Operation Christmas Child boxes we do in November!

  3. Awesome post!! Everything is looking so festive and exciting! Have a blast tomorrow at your FIESTA!!! We'll be having ours friday night w/ my parents :-D I am totally digging MFW at this point --who knew school could be this much fun ;P

  4. A fiesta looks like a lot of fun, great way to learn. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. We use MFW world too. My kids have made bunches of tissue flowers and the grandparents have loved getting their share. I have one bouquet (one from each child) that I've kept, the rest were gifts. Even a few went to church for friends.

    Happy fiesta day!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. God's Blessings

  6. Thanks guys, they are SO excited!! They are playing outside right now, enjoying the nice day before it gets hot and humid! then they will come in and we'll start making the food! YAY!! i'll post pics later...

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love your Mexico learning unit. I am wondering what is "ECC" and is this study part of your curriculum? I will read older posts and probably find the answers!!

  8. Gigi-ECC stands for Exploring Countries and Cultures and is the first year in the 5yr cycle with 'My Father's World'. this is our first year using MFW and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! We are all having so much fun and it is SO easy to implement-AND we are learning so much!!!

  9. Wow- your family sure has been busy- what wonderful learning taking place- & they are all so cute too!