Monday, August 9, 2010

ECC Week 5 Day 1: MEXICO! and other stuff...

We had a fun vacation last week. At least the first part of it. The part after that? Where the kiddos got sick? Yeah. Not so fun.
It was Skylar on Tuesday, then Ariel on Friday, then Savannah and Jaidyn on Saturday and now, today, Josh and hubby are getting it. Bleh.
I have also discovered I need to scale (WAY) back in my running for awhile. I was doing way too much too soon and my shins, knees and ankles are a bit off-their-rocker about it all. So I am going to follow a much gentler 5K plan (instead of the 1/2 marathon plan I had started) to appease them. I am more than a little disappointed about it as I love love love to run. But better this than to get injured and be sidelined for even longer.

Last week I found this on the table. Looks like my 9yr old is starting her own newspaper. Too cute. (click to enlarge)
We started our study of Mexico today. I handed out their passports which I worked on last night. The girls were SO excited.

They colored a picture of the Mexican flag and um, is that a Mexican cowboy? I dont know. Not well versed in Mexican cowboys.

Savannah did a page from the World Geo book. We had to follow latitudes and longitudes to find certain North American islands. Quite fun actually.

Then we had to get our world map out that we started during our study of the USA and find Mexico and color/label it.

For Science we are studying Deserts. We labeled some deserts on this page using the Living World Encyclopedia as a guide.

I remembered I ordered this pack of missions/geography type stuff a few months ago from a site I found on the MFW archives for Exploring Countries and Cultures. They sent me 4 passports along w/ coloring pages, maps etc...the girls had fun cutting out the little stamps to put in these passports to use 'just for fun'. And they sent it to me for FREE!! Gotta love free =)


  1. Looks like you guys had a fantastic day in Mexico! Super cool "free stuff" too! I remember running across that on the MFW archives a while back and meant to order but never got around to it --I need to get on that!!

    Continued prayers here for quick and speedy recoveries for your entire household and no sickness for you :-D

  2. That pack of stuff is AWESOME! I just emailed them and gave them my addy and got the pack in about a week!
    Josh and my hubby have the cold now too =( I am hoping its short lived!! thanks for the prayers!

  3. So fun! And I love the newspaper :)

    Hope you and the hubs feel better soon.

  4. Lainie-oddly enough, I am the ONLY one who has not caught this cold yet!! I hope it stays away as I have a homeschool mommy game night I REALLY want to go to tomorrow night =)