Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ECC Week 7 Day 3 CANADA

It was another uber lovely day today here in the good ol Cornhusker state so the girls and I decided to head out for another walk, this time to the Fruit and Veggie stand near by (and near by Culver's which the girls keep looking at with such longing that I ALMOST caved in and took them. But my resolve held and we managed to escape with out stopping).

*the following pics were all taken by Savannah and Ariel (my older 2 girls)....

These are what we came for. We ALL love a good fresh peach. Last year we went almost everyday to a fruit stand to buy some and would throwdown a good 6-7 of them in one sitting!

Of course it WAS a school day, so I made sure we got to the books when we cam home.
Coloring in the Canadian flag and writing down a few facts about it....

Then, since it was still such lovely weather out, the girls had lunch out on the covered deck. Well, 3 of them did. My oldest was fearful that an insect invasion was going to take place so she choose to dine on her jelly sandwich and fresh peaches INSIDE the house where the only 'insect' she would have to deal with would be the 2 legged variety- and there's only ONE of him. =)

Today we made our canoes to go along with the Paddle To the Sea book we read and video by the same name (we all preferred the video)....we watched a YouTube video to see how to make the canoe (Youtube has taught us SO to count in French, how to cut an onion without crying, a few Irish Dancing Steps and last, but definitely not least, how to moonwalk. That was a fun one)

We cut a curvy line in a piece of blue cardtock, taped a popsicle stick to the canoe and were able to make him glide thru the 'water'. The girls want to add dirt and twigs to make it more life-life.
We'll see.

Savannah took these pictures yesterday evening of some flowers in our backyard. She took about 10 and these were the best 2.

Its hard to believe that in about 6 weeks, it will be October!! We're savoring the summer and soaking up the sun while we can.


  1. Looks like another B-E-A-U-tiful day in the neighborhood for you guys :D I believe you have a future, professional photographer on your hands! Love the pics. Isn't homeschooling the best in that you can stop and take time to enjoy the world around you? What great memories for those kiddos :D

  2. Tell me about it! Its been unseasonably cool here and looks like it will continue into next week (with a warmer day on Saturday though-DRAT! Good think my race is in the morning!)
    Its funny how serious and 'concentrated' she gets when she is trying to get a really good picture =)
    Homeschooling ROCKS. I cant imagine doing it any other way. and its sweeter when I can share it with friends like you! =)

  3. ..."and its sweeter when I can share it with friends like you!"

    Couldn't agree more!!! :D I'll be praying for you on Saturday to have a great race and run reeeaaaally fassst! ;P

  4. I'm just going to COMPLETE and not COMPETE. I will probably end up finishing at the same time as the speed walkers =) Hubby is going to race with me for moral support and then we're going to shop for a bike for me afterwards!