Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Did ya miss me?

We have had a great week of 'vacation' from school thus far!

A couple nights ago we had a 'click' moment for one of my children. They watched as water condensed on the lid of my pot and then fell back down into the pot. Then A HA! 'Hey mom, thats just like the water cycle, when the water evaporates, forms into clouds by bumping together and then coming back down as rain!' Now she can 'see' how it works.
Monday, we went to the zoo with my dad as I *THOUGHT* it was going to be a wee bit cooler then usual in the morning. Yes, the Nebraska climate was laughing in my face when I had that thought. Humid-city folks, weren't purty.
I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was simultaneously enjoying the excitement of my children as they experience the zoo for 279th time (it never gets old when your a kid, does it), and trying to stay hydrated. I think I could have sucked moisture out of the air with a straw to accomplish that. Yeah, it was that bad.
Today, we went to a pond about 2min from our house to feed the ducks. The girls LOVE doing this and we dont do it very often. Again, the mosquitos honed in on me and my girls were spared. Which was fine with me. When my girls get a skeeter bite, 1/2 the block knows about it.


Josh was leary of the ducks at first.
Momma duck I am SO sure was scolding her ducklings here. Probably for nipping one another on the rear, which we saw them do, when their sibling took the piece of bread they wanted.
So glad I'm not a momma duck.
I'll take the 'hey-I-had that first' and 'shes-looking-at-me' over tush nippin' anyday.

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