Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our School Schedule

As promised, here is our daily school schedule!
As most of you know, we are doing My Father's World 'Exploring Countries and Cultures' this year. For those of you unfamiliar with this curriculum, click here to learn more about it. We think its the bee's knees.
Now as for this schedule. Its not down to the minute. It's not even 'clocked'. And there are days we deviate from it drastically, but its nice to refer to so I can be sure everyone has something to do and isnt busy wandering off and becoming knee deep in glue sticks and pipe cleaners.
So, here is our schedule:

Read Bible and Do Together School for the older 3
-Jaidyn colors, or works on worksheets during parts that dont pertain to her
-Josh watches video

ARIEL MATH and PLL with me
-Savannah online math drill
-Skylar Complete Book of Animal worksheets or other worksheets
- Jaidyn watch Letter Factory
-Josh blanket time

-Ariel math drill online
-Skylar and math drill
-Jaidyn watch Letter Factory
-Josh blanket time

SKYLAR MATH and PLL with me
-Savannah copywork/cursive
-Ariel copywork/cursive
-Jaidyn activity box
-Josh blanket time or playdoh/coloring

-Savannah geography online/finish up other schoolwork
-Ariel geography online/finish up other school work
-Josh snack

We typically start school around 10, sometimes earlier and are finished by noon for the most part. We save read alouds for the afternoon and usually do book basket time during the tornado's, er, I mean the 2 yr olds nap time.
Now the only thing missing here is Spelling Power which we will start this upcoming week (we did it last year, for 1/2 the year but havent started it up again this year, so I am unsure if we will move that to the afternoon or move other things up.).

I hope this helps someone. Please feel free to ask any questions!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Anna!
    Amy Potratz