Monday, August 16, 2010

Student Week! At the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop!

Its Student Week at the Not-Back-T0-School Blog Hop!

Here is my 'class' for this year. We are an all girls school. At least for a couple more years. =)
*click any photo to enlarge*

Student 1: Savannah is 9 (will be 10 on the 11th of next month, and she is MUY excited). This picture is HER to a T. She ADORES, LOVES, WANTS, OBSESSES ABOUT and KNOWS horses. Ever since she was about 5. And she has NEVER wavered (unlike Student #2, but we'll get to her in a minute).
She likes school and 'gets it' pretty easily. She struggles a bit with spelling but excels at the rest. Learning comes easy to her. She is the typical big sister and oldest child and loves to plan all sorts of activities and 'pretend plays' and 'classes' for her siblings to be involved in. Or she makes 'stores' with her unwanted stuff and tell them they can buy it from her. For free. =) She DEVOURS any book she can get her hands on and that pretty little head of hers is PACKED with knowledge.

Student #2: Ariel is 8.5. Coming just 16 and a half months after her big sister, she is a carbon copy of her momma and big sisters' side kick. When she is 'into' something she totally IMMERSES herself in it and gets a tunnel vision of sorts. She learns all she can about it, reads about it, talks about it, etc... Her interests change like the wind and she can be SO 'into' something and BOOM! Its gone and its onto something else. She has a different learning style then her older sister and her and I are learning together what that is. She is an EXCELLENT speller (completed 7th grade spelling last year!) but struggles with math a bit.
She is an EXCELLENT helper and is always at my side in the kitchen helping with whatever she can. She LOVES her little brother and is pretty much, his best buddy. She also loves to read but would rather be 'doing' something. She is a very happy, outgoing child and always want to make sure everyone is having a good time.

Student #3: Skylar is 6.5 and will be 7 in October. She is a sweetheart through and through. She is happy 99.9% of the time and almost NOTHING can get her down. She always has a smile on her face and is, what her sisters call a 'hug bug'. =) She is doing well with school but she would rather be drawing pictures of rainbows and kitty cats. She is VERY high energy and has calloused knees from running and sliding on our wood floors so much. She is little bit of sunshine floating around our home.

Student #4: Jaidyn just turned 5 in June. Go straight down Crazy Avenue, hang a left at Silly Street and you'll be right at Jaidyn's door. She is a BALL of CRAZY energy. She is also CRAZY about babies. Books about babies, real babies, baby dolls etc. Sometime she still thinks she IS a baby.
Ya know how a 180lb dog still thinks its a puppy and will jump in your unsuspecting lap? Yeah, thats this child. She loves her momma though and would rather be at my side than anywhere else. I will cherish that as long as it lasts. She is in our gentle introduction to schooling and is, for now, just doing phonics and handwriting, as well as sitting in on our My Father's World lessons. She wants to be doing whatever her sisters are doing and would like to reverse roles with her big sis sometimes and be the one in charge. It's tough being the youngest of 4 sisters!

Student-in-training: Josh is 2 and a half, is our 5th child and only boy. And ALL boy he is! WOW! We are always having to think 27 steps ahead of him. He is always trying to take things apart to see how they work, or breaking it...or turning it into a 'vroom vroom' of some sort. He is CRAZY about trains, particularly Thomas the Tank Engine (we are so thankful he isnt the least bit interested in My Little Pony or Strawberry Shortcake, both of which are in abundant supply here). He's got a stubborn streak a mile wide and thinks his purpose in life is to get into as much mischief as he can. He also goes by 'Mr. Mischief', 'Destroy Boy', and 'Double Trouble'. He is also our wild card kid-not only a boy but the only child w/ blue eyes and light hair in a family of brown eyes and black/brown hair!
I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about my clan. Go to the BLOG HOP to meet some more students!


  1. Great photos! I enjoyed reading about each of your children. I am now following your blog.

  2. thanks for popping by my blog today! looking forward to seeing what great ideas you come up with this year.

  3. love their names - very cute children - have a great school year

  4. I've probably told you this before, but your kids are adorable. Your oldest two remind me of mine - only in reverse as far as temperament. :^)

    Tina (#7 on this week's list)

  5. I love the snippets about each student. I also have a boy after girls and he is definitely BOY! Thanks for stopping by my site!

  6. Thanks guys and thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi Anna! I love your intro to your kids! They sound like a big bunch of fun! (Your oldest and secondborn sound like my oldest two, too. :)

  8. Love that picture of your son!! Your mexican fiesta looked delicious. Have a great year!