Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ECC Week 7 Day 2 Canada

What a lovely day. After the soaring temps we have been having, today was a welcome respite. High 60s and low 70s with a nice breeze.

We did a teeny bit of school this morning and then decided we just had to get out and go for a walk. The girls didnt know that I had a secret ..... =)
We walked through our park, and as many times as we go, it never gets old. We LOVE this place.

SURPRISE!! We walked over to Culver's (which we have never done before) for one of the girls' FAVORITES drinks- a Strawberry Cooler.
And some french fries and onion rings.
Hey, it was a .75 mile walk-I needed to refuel, ya know? Even if it WAS only 1/2 past breakfast....

The walk back home turned into a Nature Walk and we ended up looking for a Maple Tree from which to gather leaves for our Maple Tree Rubbings (which we did today instead of the canoe craft-we'll do that tomorrow).... I have NO clue what a Maple Tree looks like, but since we know that a maple leaf is in the middle of the Canada flag and we HAD just studied that yesterday, I had a faint idea of what we were looking for...
"Hey mommy, is that a Maple Tree"?

WOO HOO! I think this is it! Gather some leaves, girls!

Photo op courtesty of Savannah. She told them where to sit and how far to lean forward. Budding photog, that one....

Then back home to settle in for some schoolin'
Dictation on the dry-erase board....

Coloring and labeling the Canadian provinces...

Demostrating a food web....

The Maple Leaf Rubbing Craft...funny-the girls thought I said we were going to do a Maple Leaf RUGGING...they though we were going to make a rug out of the Maple Leafs!


  1. How fun!! I am loving this curriculum! Before, we would put these subjects on the back burner and would rarely get to them. MFW just really brings it to life, you know?

  2. What a wonderful way to begin the school day! Beautiful pics!

  3. I know what you mean Melanie-MFW has laid it all out so I can be SURE I am teaching them the things they need to know. No more trying to piece things together on a whim and a prayer!
    Miranda-they had a great day yesterday =) Today we are probably going to walk over to the fruit stand which is by Culvers to buy some fresh fruit! Hey, did you guys read Paddle by the Sea yet? My girls arent that into it...plus its taking forEVER to get thru! I think we will do the canoe craft today even if we dont finish the book...