Monday, August 23, 2010

ECC Week 7 Day 1 Canada

ECC Week 7 Day 1...we are in Canada!

The girls got their passports back today and we put the Canada sticker on page 3, then we colored the John 3:16 page for Canada....
The older 3 copied the memory verse for this week, Matt 5:11.
In Illustrated World Atlas we read about Canada and learned that its the 2nd largest country (Russia being the first) but has a very low population for its size.
We learned about food webs in the Living World Encyclopedia and read about the Garifuna people in Window on the World. I love the gentle introduction this book gives to cultures around the world, how they practice thier religion, and how we can pray for them.

I also found a few videos on YouTube the girls enjoyed. One was how to count to 10 in French, another was a few children's songs in French...Aloutette, Frere Jacques...oh and I think there was one more, but it escapes me now...

We also watched Paddle to the Sea today which is a short 30min video that shares the story of a canoe and indian a little boy made that he hopes will make it to the ocean. The girls really enjoyed it. Tomorrow we will read the book, and then do a canoe craft.

I also DVR'd some nature programs, one of which was on the Niagara Falls. We watched that today as well and the girls were amazed at the sheer volume of water that pours over the falls every second. It really is breathtaking-just watching it on tv...I cant imagine what it must be like to actually visit the falls!

Its almost nap time here, so I am off to get the little fella ready to spend some time in his cage while I finish phonics with Jaidyn (age 5) and putz around on the 'net for awhile.
Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great first day in Canada! We enjoyed it today too. We also were able to pick up "Paddle to the Sea", but that's so neat that you found the video. I'll have to look for that at the library to go along. Can't wait to see your Canoe crafts! :D

  2. I am following you back! It's nice to see someone with a very similiar path. Looking forward to enjoying your journeys with you!

  3. We really loved the video, Miranda. The book is taking a while to get thru, so we will hopefully finish it today and then do the canoe craft tomorrow!
    Melanie-We have kids at similar ages-how neat! You are going to love love love ECC!!-also RandiePandie (commenter above you) uses ECC and her and I are at the same point right now (week 7) so hop on over to her blog and check out her great pictures and posts!