Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Day in the Life of....ME!

Last week for the Not-Back-To-School-Blog Hop! This week features 'Day-in-the-life'.'s mine! *click any picture to enlarge*

Typically my morning starts out with these bad boys. We usually hit the pavement to the tune of 2-3miles...
Then back home to shower and eat breakfast and spend a little time in the Best. Book. Ever.
Then I get the school books ready....
And make sure the class room is tidy....

And then they get it up....


Two year old makes a mess and leaves his sisters behind to clean it up-story of his life...

Last kid finally awake! Apparently the camera flash is very bright at 830 in the morning...

Doing our morning chores....

Starting our school...oops! Destroy Boy is trying to write on someones paper!

Putting him in his corral, er, I mean Blanket Time, so we can school without distraction. Well, at least with LESS distraction...

Apparently, I added that picture twice so ignore this one!

After school, its time for lunch!

After lunch we check the chore charts to see what we need to do before some free play time...

Then we put Destroy Boy in his swing while we clean...

then its time for a little free play time....

Then some quite reading w/ the book basket books....

Then a little 'recess'...whats school without a little recess??

Reading and Snack time while Destroy Boy recharges his batteries (aka as nap time)....
Then dinner time.....
And since this was Friday-it was also movie and popcorn night!

After the movie, the girls helped clean up, we brushed teeth and it was time for some quiet room time before bed.
Hope you enjoyed a peek into our day!


  1. what a great day for your kids! :) I love the destroy boy pictures. so funny! :) enjoyed reading your post!

  2. Great "Day in the Life"! Homeschoolers have so much fun and are so creative :)

    ...and how neat that you get up early and get in that exercise!!!

    Thanks for sharing and have a very enjoyable 2010-2011 school year!

  3. I like the way you seem to balance time for you with time for each child. This year is my first with just two children at home and I am consciously trying to schedule time for each girl and time for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jenilee-Destroy Boy fits him to a T. The girls also like to call him Mr Mischief and Double Trouble =)
    Tamara-I used to LOATHE exercise until I discovered running...I LOOOOVE to run. and it is so cool and pretty at 6:30 in the morning.
    Jessica-it is a balance for sure. But I need to get in some 'me time' in the morning to really get the day off to a good start. If I get up when the kids get up I feel like we are running behind all day-even when we're not!
    Thanks for visiting by blog =)

  5. LOVE IT!! Thanks for the idea of incorporating morning chores. My girls are just now coming to the age and I was wondering how I would fit it in. DUH!!!
    And my baby is the same way! I'm always saying "I KNOW you didn't do it. I KNOW the baby did it. Just clean it up..." :) My poor girls...
    Love the name Destroy Boy. My baby is Mugsy. Funny how some names fit... :)
    Following you from Not Back to School Hop!

  6. Tiffany-it has been SO helpful now that the girls are older and can help out more! We usually take about 30min in between breakfast and school to get some chores done (usually putting in laundry if its that day, tidying the bedrooms and making sure the kitchen and bathrooms are presentable) =)
    I know what you mean about the baby! I just explained to them that when they were all littles, *I* was the one cleaning up after them all the time since they couldnt do it-now WE all need to do the same for Josh and set a good example for him.
    thanks for visiting!

  7. Destroy Boy! That is so funny! I used to call mine Destructo-boy.

    Have a great year! And thanks for your comment!

  8. Thanks for sharing your day. Hopefully my schedule this year will include a morning run. I am going to try to be faithful! Your little guy reminds me of my 2.5 yr. old. Have a great year.

  9. Deb, isnt it funny how TRUE that name is to them??
    Tracy-our days are very full, but you're right, its a boatload of fun, too =)
    Denise-I have only recently started running but I LOVE it! I am running my first 5K on Saturday. I DO have to commit to getting up early to run so I can be back before hubby has to leave for work, so this means I am getting up around 6:15 which is VERY early for me, but I'm adjusting =) I think all 2.5 yr old boys are the same- a little ball of tornadic energy =)
    thanks for commenting and have a great school year!

  10. It was fun looking at your Day in the Life! When my older children were little, our day looked much the same as yours. It was a little trip down Memory Lane.

    Life is much different now with 2 high schoolers, a middle schooler, an elementary girl, and a preschooler. Thanks for a little nostalgia.

  11. Loved looking at your day. Your children are so adorable! My girls also loved seeing your day and laughed at the Destroy Boy comments. It was also great for them to see that they are not the only ones cleaning up after their little sisters. :)