Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ready to get back to it! and ECC Week 5 Day 3

I get to exercise tomorrow!!! YAHOO!!! I never thought I would be 'yahoo-ing' about being able to exercise but I really REALLY miss it. In a 'I-would-miss-oxygen' type of way. I decided to take Mon, Tues and Wed this week as COMPLETE rest days (well, as complete as you can get as a momma) to give my legs a little vacation from the pounding that is running. BUT I'm not going to run. Yet.
I am going to start out on the elliptical tomorrow, and Friday, then go for a brisk walk on Saturday and Sunday, rest on Monday and then run/walk 1.5 miles on Tuesday. I am HOPING by running a little less miles (and running on the local highschool track for 1 of my runs) that I can prevent any overuse injuries.

ECC Week 5 Day 3 Mexico

Today in Writing Strands Level 3, Savannah had to write a paragraph about a subject of her choosing...guess what she choose....
Yep, this girl is CRAZY about horses. She could probably write book.

We also started playing our geography game today that came with our 'Exploring Countries and Cultures' curriculum. I was amazed at how many countries they knew when we were done!

Learning about Mexico and getting passports has prompted them to play NUMEROUS travel games. Today they told me they are going to Panama, so they wanted me to read about Panama out of the encyclopedia and give them the 411. Later they are going to Venezula and then on to Cuba. It is sweet to see them packing thier bags to go on their 'trip'.
Right now they are making 'Information books' on each place they visit.

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